great sites

seth ne dezvaluie o lista cu 10 principii de care sa tii seama cand creezi un site…

imi plac 1, 4 (oare lista lui se pune ca si teorie?! 🙂 ) si 9…

asa ca puneti mana si creati, nu mai studiati mii de teorii, in echipe stufoase…


4 comentarii

  1. Hey Bogdan, do you speak English?

    Have you ever considered blogging about your native language? check out my blog, I write about learning Portuguese for English speakers, maybe you would enjoy something like that…

    drop me an email


    1. Here is the new, unbroken link. Sorry about that!

      We now have 16 or so blogs about foreign languages and cultures. Let me know if this interests you. We enjoy a pretty good readership.


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